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The homeowner must take 'reasonable care' to protect the property from further damage in order for the insurance policy to remain in effect. Once permission is obtained from the owner, our first responsibility will be to protect and weatherproof the building. This includes covering any damaged window or door opening to safeguard the contents. Restoring electrical power is essential for temporary lighting, preventing refrigerator and freezer thaw, and re-energizing the furnace during cold winter months. We will also extract water from carpets to protect wood floors.


For over 70 years, restoration and construction has been our business. We are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of a project. When visiting a property, our estimating team will write detailed notes, take accurate measurements and pictures. Back at our office, we will promptly compile a comprehensive estimate using our knowledge and up to date cost analysis. A complete estimate is then presented to the insurance company's adjuster.


The homeowner should be fairly compensated for their loss and replacement cost. Our comprehensive estimate is actually a project punch list - detailing all the repairs involved in the restoration. A satisfactory agreement, regarding the scope and cost, must be reached by all parties; the homeowner, Yanesh Bros., and the homeowner's insurance company. Equipped with our extensive knowledge of the insurance repair industry, we settle for fair and equitable figures prompty and efficiently. The homeowner is informed and consulted about every detail before work begins.


When the settlement is reached with the owner's insurance company, repair and restoration will begin. We employ only the best skilled craftmen in all the trades and use only quality material to ensure your satisfaction. A foreman is assigned to every project to oversee the repair and is available to answer any questions regarding the restoration. Our main purpose, after all, is to reconstruct the property or business as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality.


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